This is the brazilian cover of The best place in the worls is right here




These are the covers of Romanian, French, Dutch and Swedish editions of Closed Rooms



Second edition of Die Geister Schweigen!

As you know, on July 25 Die Geister Schweigen was published in Germany.
The book is as successful that in less than a week, Fischer Verlag publishes its second edition


Die Geister Schweigen is TOP #4, recommended
by German Magazine






In July 30th, Lukkade rom (Closed rooms) was released in Norway.
Translation by Kjersti Velsand.




In July 25th, Der Geister schweigen (The ghosts are silent) was released in Germany.
It is the same Closed rooms but with a different title.
Translation by Stefanie Karg.




These are the covers of Italian, Portuguese and Greek editions of Closed Rooms



Read here the first chapter in English

Foreign Rights sold to:
Grasset et Fasquelle — France
— Germany
Psichogios — Greece
— Holland
Salani-GEMS — Italy
Cappelen Damm — Norway
Planeta — Portugal
Humanitas — Romania
Bonniers — Sweden
Record —Brazil
Albatros Wydawnictwo— Poland
Kinneret —Israel

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